Energy Efficiency Companies Empowerment

Aiming to start the empowerment project for energy efficiency services companies, EDS-Sustenergy joined a work meeting at February 5th, along with Secretaria de Energia e Desenvolvimento Econômicos partners - SEDEC, Geoberto Espírito Santo, Abel Cavalcante, Jackson Pacheco e Pedro Moreira. The meeting also had the presence of Reynaldo Sigilião, consultant, and David Cerqueira, both from EDS.


The SEDECs representatives introduced some of their activities in the efficiency area, including the agreement with Eletrobrás and SEBRAE/GTZ. Besides that, it was emphasized one of the Energy Efficiency Committees priorities for the year of 2010, wich is creating companies capable of efficient performances in energetic field. Based upon the aforsaid, dates and details about the companies empowerment, mobilization and motivation Workshops had been set.

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